options not saving etc

Jim MacLeod j75trym at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Jun 14 09:54:48 BST 2005

Jeff MacDonald wrote:

> Well, I was able to reproduce it as root.
> The font size thing and the konsole things have both turned out to
> either be tricks of my imagination, or I was just using it wrong last
> time. ha !
> However, the resolution thing is definatly not working as i would
> expect [note, i didn't say it was broken] each time i start KDE, it
> picks the highest res it can [2000x1500something.. @ 60hz] which makes
> my eyes bleed and i have to set it back down to 1600x1200 at 75hz.
> I know I can set it in xorg.conf, but shouldn't it save my resolution
> preferances ?
I had similar - on start-up KDE used settings for a 17" monitor whereas I've
only got 15". Had to add a monitor specific modeline to xorg.conf to
correct things. Sometimes it would display at 75dpi instead of 92 making
the fonts look big even tho they were set correctly, so I added DisplaySize
to xorg as well!
> Thanks.

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