Launching TCL/Tk - Wish scripts - from a CD

Simon Blackham sdb at
Tue Jun 14 18:49:05 BST 2005

KDE 3.4.0 on SuSE 9.3 (and to be compatible with clients existing implementations - Caldera, Suse, Redhat etc)
Unfortunately if you launch from a CD - the mounted CD is now on /media/<cdlabel> and not on /media/cdrecorder or /media/cdrom as in the past. We just used to put a link: /cdrom -> /media/<whatever> on each machine when first loading.
Another alternative was there were various links with different paths to their icon (on the CD) and the user clicked on the link that showed the icon correctly.
If you (insert a CD and) click a TCL file through Konqueror then the 'pwd' is set automatically to the users home directory - so the application fails as it cannot find its way around the CD. If a terminal window is started (within konqueror) and 'wish Update.tcl' is typed in - everything works OK as 'pwd' is on the CD - wherever it was mounted.
The application links do not allow you to set '$PWD' as the starting directory - only ones found by browsing when the application link is created - but of course this is on the development machine - not on the users - and not on the CD anyway.
Currently - the script looks in /media for existing mount points and looks for itself in each one - and sets the CD path when it succeeds - not very elegant!
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