Thunderbird to kde integration

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Fri Jun 10 08:33:15 BST 2005

Denis Kostousov wrote:
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> I tried
> 1. "thunderbird %u" - thunderbird not start.
> 2. "$HOME/bin/ %u" - message compose window with "%u" in "To" field start.
> ("" - my script from first letter)
> How is it to pass e-mail address to mail application?

It should work.  Perhaps Thunderbird isn't on your PATH.  Open a Konsole 
and execute:

	which thunderbird

If it is a path issue, you can put the command with the full path in the 
Control Center KCM -- but don't use $HOME, use the actual path.

If you use a script your script the command in the script should be:

	$HOME/bin/ "$1"

Note: you have to put the parameter in quotes (as I show), otherwise it 
won't work if there is a space in the URL.

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