Thunderbird to kde integration

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Fri Jun 10 06:10:18 BST 2005

Denis Kostousov wrote:
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> I want to integrate Mozilla Thunderbird to KDE (as default mail application).
> I wrote small script that can connect to existing TB or lauch it:
> - -------------
> #!/bin/sh
> export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME="$HOME/Programs/Thunderbird"
> url="$1"
> if [ "x$url" = "x" ]; then
>   exit 0
> fi
> url=`echo $url|sed 's/^mailto://'`
> if $MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME/thunderbird -remote "mailto($url)"; then
>   exit 0
> fi
> exec $MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME/thunderbird "$url"
> - -------------
> Then I set this as default mail application in KDE.
> But, when I tried send message to person in KAddressbook, this script execudet without any argument.
> Why?
> How KDE pass email address to mail application?

You don't have to do that.  Just go to [in the Control Center]:

	KDE Components -> Component Chooser

Then choose: "Email Client"

Set the Radio Button to "Use a different email client" and enter:

	thunderbird %u

in the box.  At least it works fine for me.

The hard part is getting Konquer to open URLs from Thunderbird.

Create a file: "$HOME/.thunderbird/<code>.default/user.js" like the 
attached and URLs will open in Konqueror.  Where "<code>" is the random 
unique directory name created on your system.

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