Compiled with Konstruct, but no new KDE?

Jason Bassett jason_bassett at
Fri Jun 3 14:55:58 BST 2005


I downloaded Konstruct from the site and left my machine compiling 
for a few days by running "make install" from the 
/home/jbassett/konstruct/meta/kde folder.  I changed to root to do the make 

Once complete I copied the /root/kde3.4 folder to /home/jbassett, chowned it 
to jbassett and carried out the exports as suggested in the README.  
Restarted expecting a new flashy kde 3.4 screen, instead I still have 3.2 

I then found info online saying I should edit xinitrc and add startkde to 
it, so I did, but now I just get a poor version of kde 3.2 with larger icons 
and message boxes appearing entitled "Applet Loading Error - KDE Panel", 
they contain things such as "The tastbar applet could not be loaded. Please 
check your installation".  Then I get a crash handler.

Are there any other steps I should have taken?


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