[suse-kde] new kde and menus

Georgi Ivanov joro at abacustrade.com
Thu Jun 2 16:41:38 BST 2005

Thank you !
> Normally, that would be in: .bash_profile, but wouldn't you want to put
> this in: "profile" or a 'profile.d' script?
This is not a problem i think..
> > added KDEDIRS=/opt/kde-3.4.1
> That would probably be KDEDIR if you only have one. :-)
Yes . This was the problem ! Now it's fine. :)
BTW .. i recall there was KDEDIRS ..
One of the variables was depricated but i didn't know which one.
> > 2. .xinitrc - added startkde
> This doesn't do anything unless you are starting KDE from a console
> with: "startx".
> The problem is that KDE is not finding your: xdg directory the related
> 'desktop' files.
That is what i was thinking ...but didn'k know the solution.
> You can add two environment variables:
> Exactly where to put this is a good question.  If all you run is KDE
> then you can put it in "profile" or a 'profile.d' script.

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