KDE 3.4.1 and no drives:/?

Patrick Trettenbrein patrick.trettenbrein at gmx.net
Wed Jun 1 16:56:36 BST 2005

I've got KDE 3.4.1 here and everytime I click on the drives symbol in 
konqueror or type "drives:/", KDE tells me, that protokoll drives:/ is not 
supported. I had the same problem with KDe 3.4.0 and didnt't knew how to fix. 
I hoped that this problem won't exist in 3.4.1 but it does. So I'm asking 
you... :)

Any ideas?


PS: It's KDE from SuSE 9.3 packages.
Patrick Trettenbrein - patrick.trettenbrein at kdemail.net
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