Cannot update/modify Kmenu

Jim MacLeod j75trym at
Sat Jul 30 22:12:38 BST 2005

s s wrote:

> Ok so I tried that... and it didn't work! the KMenu is
> exactly the same, and now there is nothing in
> ~/.config/menus  !
> ..ok I admit I didn't delete the file, I renamed it
> and moved it (isn't that usually good enough?). I was
> a bit reluctant to completely destroy it, since the
> Menu is already kind of broken. I was worried it
> wouldn't rebuild the menu and just leave me with an
> empty KMenu.
Sorry, running out of ideas now. ~/.config.etc just has user specific
changes but if no users have correct menus I'm not sure of the answer.
System menus are in /etc/xdg/menus - you could check them out. Each
*.desktop file for a prg has the category= which defines where it should
appear. The menu files should simply display items which comply with their

You could run kbuildsycoca --noincremental which rebuilds the SYstem
COnfiguration CAche. I've used it before when I was on SuSE.

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