Koffice Problem

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at chch.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jul 25 13:56:19 BST 2005

Hi Laurie,

> I have recently downloaded anf installed Koffice.  NOn of the applications
> will start.  At a terminal I get the following error message:
> kword: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libkofficecore.so.2: undefined
> symbol: _ZN11KMainWindow7setIconERK7QPixmap
> Can you advise me as to how to fix this problem.  I am new to Linux and am
> keen to try out open source software.

You need to make sure that you have qt, kdelibs, kdebase and koffice
packages installed from packages produced by your distribution. You must
also make sure that the versions match. Unfortunately, this is non-trivial,
since a) the KOffice version numbers don't match the version of KDE that
they work with, and b) some packagers do weird things with version numbers. 

If you post details of the distribution that you're using, someone here
might be able to help you find the appropriate packages. You might also
like to ask on a list appropriate for your distribution.

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