Empty Display Name Field

Chris Jensen cjensen at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 11:05:56 BST 2005

I've just upgraded to kde 3.4.1, and thanks to a mishap with the .kde
directory, I've had to recreate my address book from a CSV file, which
largely worked fine, except that the Display Name for everyone is
empty (the CSV just had first name and last name).
This is really annoying when looking through the address book, and
when choosing addresses in KMail because all the entries have no name.
If I open up an entry, and make a change to the name then display name
gets populated, but there are a good 160 or so entries, so doing this
for every single contact isn't really an option.

How can I force the address book to go through all the entries and
populate the display name from the given and last names?

I've looked around google and had a look at the DCOP interfaces and
can't find anything that'll do this.

Any ideas?

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