Install qt4 alongside qt3 ?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Tue Jul 19 04:09:14 BST 2005

Mikhail Ramendik wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to compile and install qt 4. I need it for some new open source 
> project I'm participating in.
> But I don't want it to interfere with the existing qt 3. (Moreover, I want to 
> be able to update qt 3.x from RPM without affecting qt 4).

By default, Qt-4 will install to a different directory.  Note that you 
do "make install" on Qt-4, you do not install it in place so the source 
code should be unpacked in: /usr/src/ with our other sources.

Therefore, you shouldn't have any problem.  The only issue is that you 
need to see that the configure scripts find the correct one when 
compiling and set your path to find the correct "moc", etc..  Normally 
stuff that uses Qt-3 will use the environment variable QTDIR to indicate 
where to look for Qt and this doesn't seem to be the case for Qt-4.  You 
will probably have to tell it where to find it.

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