sound on KDE-3.4.1 using kernel-2.6

nicolorlando at nicolorlando at
Wed Jul 13 14:43:50 BST 2005

hello ALL,

I upgraded a few monthsago to the new linux kernel_2.6.11.11 and it was amazing - a few weeks after I also upgraded to thst KDE_3.4.1 whiwas so waited for - anyway, to cut a long story short my sound disappeared and it seems that there is no way that i can get it back -

I thoght thayou might wat to know thato make sure whether it's a bug in the new KDE or just a not-enabled feature - also read on the KDE website that KDE runs a default APGART sound system whereas the new kernel_2.6 uses ALSA, but ...... hey don't know what to say!!!

very wel done to you ALL for the new desktop look - very nice

keep up thgood work

p.s.: i quite enjoy testing new releases,packages, and stuf.... so i'll let you  know of other bugs/fixes if I find any!

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