Mac OS-style menubar as default

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at
Thu Jul 7 23:46:25 BST 2005

On Monday 04 July 2005 20:40, Merton Campbell Crockett wrote:
> The Mac OS-style menubar is a historical relic from the days when monitors
> were small and a Mac could only run one application at a time.

And I'm using it with multiple apps without any problems.

> Actually, there's a much more basic question that has to be asked.  Who is
> going to fund all of the changes needed to have a Mac OS-style menubar?

What "funds" are you referring to here? I thought KDE is made mostly by 

> Assume that I am a software developer.  I am hoping to become the next
> Bill Gates.  To achieve this goal I need my software to run in as many
> window environments as possible.  Why should I expend time and money on
> the niche market of Mac OS X and KDE users that like the Mac OS-style
> menubar?

KDE-apps already work nicely with universal menubar just fine, so I don't see 
your point.

> You are assuming that people don't tailor their work environment.  It
> takes significantly longer than a minute to go through each of one's
> commonly used applications to configure them for the changed screen area.

What changes are you referring to here? In my case it really did take just one 
minute. I enabled the universal menubar, and all my KDE-apps worked 
beautifully with it.

> Out of curiosity, I enabled the menubar at the top of the display.  The
> menubar didn't change as focus moved from window to window.  The menubar
> in each window didn't disappear.  The biggest change was the reduced area
> available for windows on the desktop.  Instead of 75 lines of text, I
> could only display 72 lines of text.

In my case, all KDE-apps work just fine with the menubar. GTK+-apps are a 
different matter, but I don't really use those, so.... But even that could be 
fixed with some shared menubar-specs or something.
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