un-shade behaviour with KDE apps.

Dr. Don Harden harden at gsu.edu
Thu Jul 7 16:25:13 BST 2005


First off let me say thanks to the KDE development folks  for a great 
desktop  environment and a lot of fine applications.  I have used 
WindowMaker for years but now find KDE irresistible.  I am currently 
running  KDE 3.4.1  on FC4.  I have noticed a couple of unexpected 
behaviors while un-shading windows:

1) If a non-KDE app (xterm, firefox, etc.) is shaded and I un-shade it 
the widow returns to the full pre-shaded size.  This, to me, seems normal.

2) Some KDE apps (konsole 1.5.1, kwrite 4.4) behave exactly as the 
non-KDE apps above.

3) When other KDE apps (Quanta plus [kdewebdev-3.4.1], kompare 3.4.1) 
are unshaded the window returns with a much diminished height.   In fact 
the window un-rolls enough to show the top and bottoms borders, toolbars 
and about three lines of text in the body.

4)  If I select (activate) a shaded window either from the panel or the 
Window List Menu the shaded receives focus but remains shaded.  It would 
be nice if there where a way for the window to both receive focus and 

Thanks for your time,

Dr. Don Harden                   harden at Gsu.EDU
Department of Chemistry          564 NSC
Georgia State University         ph:  (404) 651-3580
Atlanta, Ga. 30302               fax: (404) 651-1416

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