No jpeg thumbnails in Konqueror

Jessica Hall jes.hall at
Thu Jul 7 06:39:45 BST 2005

On Wed, 06 Jul 2005 05:18, Ken Schutte wrote:
> Thaks for the reply.  Tried that and still no luck.  I'm in Icon view
> and "Images" is checked on view->preview.

Have a look under Settings -> Configure Konqueror... -> Previews & Meta-Data

Make sure you have 'file' ticked under Local Protocols, and check the Maximum 
file size. If you have very large images, they may be above the default cut 
off for thumbnailing. Increasing the size will cause them to be thumbnailed, 
if you refresh the Konqueror window after increasing the size.

Of course, as previously mentioned you need to have selected the filetypes you 
want previews for in View -> Preview



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