Why GTK+ will prevail, and what needs to be done

andrew kar akar3d at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jan 28 23:03:19 GMT 2005

Taylor Byrnes wrote:

>-> Pay for Qt; why bother when GTK+ is free?

In reality the cost of development toolkits is an insignificant criteria 
when  balanced against the background of support and development 
extensions as detailed later in Kevins reply to you. This is even more 
so for established companies that want to port their products to linux. 
It is also pretty hard to beat the concept of a source base that can 
compile to windows , Mac and linux with insignificant change.
On another note there have always been numerous  toolkits/libraries for 
windows apart from the Foundation classes libraries, The Object Windows 
library and the then revolutionary Visual Component Libraries used in 
Delphi and to a lesser extent Visual-Basic which led to whole 
encapsulated component libraries of Active-X controls.


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