Why GTK+ will prevail, and what needs to be done

Gary L. Greene Jr. greeneg at arklinux.org
Fri Jan 28 04:39:41 GMT 2005

On Thursday 27 January 2005 8:45 pm, Taylor Byrnes wrote:
[snip tripe about Qt "must" be LGPL'd]

The Troll's won't and IMNSHO _shouldn't_ lgpl Qt. Here's why:

Trolltech is a commercial company. Thus it's in their right to release with 
whatever license they choose. We're benefitted in KDE by their generosity of 
opening up Qt as much as they've done. Especially when you consider that 
Windows ISN'T a free ride to develope for. For example, I go out and develop 
a game for Microsoft Windows using MS' Visual Studio 6. Plus, if I want to 
develop a game that extends the DirectX framework, I need the DirectX SDK, 
these combined can only be gotten through a MSDN Professional subscription 
(Professional is a per developer cost) or greater (at $1,199 US), and then 
you couple with that the cost of Windows OS costs for a development team 
(estimated at over $1,000 for an average sized games development house.) 
Also, lets say we're developing a FPS game and the team wants to use an 
already in existance engine, so you have to license that.... Tally that up 
and in the end you're heads above the costs of Qt's commercial license costs. 
Not to mention that the limited scope of support MS supplies with the MSDN 
subscriptions (2 incidents at Professional level), whereas you get unlimited 
1 year's worth of support via email and the complete source code base for the 
entirity of the Qt version that the developer would buy.

Incidentally, I see far more company's _EMBRACING_ Qt due to it's robust and 
more mature cross platform capabilities than Gtk+. One of the earlier posters 
in this thread mentioned the Mac support. I can attest to this, Gtk still 
requires the X11 server on mac and on Windows you get a MUCH reduced set of 
functionality due to how GDI+ works on Windows. When Apple talks to people 
about developing GUI apps for multiple platforms, they send them to Trolltech 
for the excellent support and cross platform capabilities that for most firms 
means far lowered costs since they can develop with 1 toolkit instead of 3 
(Win32 MFC with .Net, X11 & Gtk+, Cocoa or Carbon OSX api).

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