K panel tooltips stay too long

yourself sl4rtyb4rtf4st_2 at yahoo.gr
Wed Jan 26 19:07:11 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 20:49, Zé (Zé <mmodem00 at netvisao.pt>) wrote:
> When i pass the mouse quickly over the icons in systray, the tooltips
> appear and stay there.
> To make disapear the tooltips i have to pass again the mouse over the icons
> in systray that have the tooltips appearing, or just wait to disappear wich
> takes a long time.

This is truly amazing! I was just writing a mail "complaining" about this very 
thing!! These tooltips are really annoying as the pop up even if the mouse 
stays over the icon for -say- 0.05 secs somethimes!!! And if the mouse passes 
over all of them (5 icons) heading for the last, i get some 3 or 4 popup 
windows pop up at the same time....


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