Modifying konqueror's menu/toolbars

Chris Gow sniffy at
Thu Jan 20 17:48:29 GMT 2005

On January 20, 2005 03:05 am, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Chris Gow wrote:
> > Hi:
> >
> > I am trying to modify konqueror's menu. I believe all that I should have
> > to do is create an rc file in my local configuration directory. However,
> > do I have to include all of the items from the system configuration? As
> > it stands, if I create a local rc file, most of the menus disappear or
> > appear in the wrong spot and what should be a menu winds up being
> > displayed as a tool bar.
> >
> > What am I doing wrong?
> Start by copying the system wide file to the corresponding local file,
> then edit the local copy.
Ok, I did do that, but I guess the better question would be: Am I supposed to 
be able to override things locally, or will konqueror only use the one file? 
What I did originally was copy the system wide file locally, removed 
everything except for the the items I wanted to change. In this case, since 
is was just an experiment, I wanted to place a tearoff option in the Location 
menu. When I did that the menus and toolbars in konqueror were hosed (in the 
wrong spot, missing options, etc...). So am I not supposed to be able to 
override certain things locally?


-- chris
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