KDE does not startup

Vadim v_sukhanov at in-line.ru
Thu Jan 20 15:19:28 GMT 2005

Andrew Kar wrote:

>On Wed, 19 Jan 2005 04:49 pm, Vadim wrote:
>>KDE does
>>not started.
>Boot into a console as root (put a 3 at the end of the kernel boot line ie 
>linux 3) Then clean out everything in the /tmp folder to do with that user 
>inclusing the dcop entry under /tmp/.ice-unix and tmp/kde-USER and mcop-USER 
>and in the home/USER del anything like .DCOPxxxxx  .ICExxxxxx and then reboot 
>as normal. If that fail do the same again but rename the home/USER/.kde 
>folder and reboot so it can regenerate but you will have to redo your configs 
>in that case.
i clean all tmp dirs. remove KDE dir in my home dir at all. But it does 
not help.

any suggestions?
will kde reinstalling solve the problem?


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