KDE Perceived Quality Survey (PESQUS)

Chad Robinson crj at lucubration.com
Tue Jan 18 15:29:03 GMT 2005

Benjamin Rossen wrote:
> When no one has any knowledge of what the others are doing, you get collective 
> wisdom. You get individual errors that cancel out other errors, and you end 
> up with a golden mean that beats the best experts. 

An interesting point, but did you really think I intended the e-mail addresses 
submitted to be published? I've never taken, let alone seen, a survey that 
disclosed the identities of participants, but many collect e-mail addresses. 
At the risk of sounding too sarcastic, ahem:

   "unless you mean that we should see the results at the end"

Yes, that's what I meant when I said:

   "it's important that survey participants be party to the results"


Most surveys offer to e-mail the published findings to participants as a 
thank-you for their contributions. I'm suggesting this one might see a better 
response rate if it did, as well.

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