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jonathan pickard fatboy at techno.co.za
Thu Jan 13 07:39:27 GMT 2005

I run kde 3.3.2 on FC3.
In the services tab in konqueror i like to use the devices node. 
Konqueror lists all the mount points under the device node - but some of 
the point points are duplicated. So when I double click the mount point 
I get an error that the partition is already mounted.

An example:
* Hard Disk (HDA7) [/Home]
* Hard Disc [/Home]

These are the same partition but appear as 2 lines in the devices node, 
I would like only 1 entry under the devices node for /home if this is 

If I click either option I get an error from konqueror before konqueror 
displays the partition. Konqueror works fine after the error.

Is this because of the labels used in /etc/fstab? Is there a setting I 
can edit to change this behavior in konqueror?

Jonathan Pickard
(e-mail) fatboy at techno.co.za
(chat)   vwlupogti16v at jabber.org

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