Konqueror not working with certain sites

Chris Gow sniffy at rogers.com
Thu Jan 6 22:46:29 GMT 2005


I've noticed that Konq doesn't seem to display certain web sites correctly. 
The two sites I've noticed are gmail and gmane (loom).

In both cases it seems to be Javascript errors.

In gmail, I can log in and see my inbox but whenever I select a message, konq 
displays it for a split second and then paints a blank screen. I did see a 
bug related to gmail/konq over https but not this.

In gmane (loom), the bottom search bar that normally shows up...doesn't. I get 
a couple of JS errors: 

Error: http://news.gmane.org/gnus.js: TypeError: Value undefined (result of 
expression document.attachEvent) is not an object. Cannot be called.
TypeError: Undefined value

Does anyone else have these problems with either site? Should I file a bug 


-- chris
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