A better trashcan?

Teemu Nikkilä tnikkila at cc.hut.fi
Tue Jan 4 12:11:17 GMT 2005


I wonder if there is a way to handle trashed files in a bit more clever 
way. At the moment it is not possible to restore these files to their 
original locations, nor is it possible to have multiple files under the 
same name in trash (since the files or dirs are just simply moved to 
trash directory?).

What I'd like to see integrated to the desktop is what can be done with 
tar like:
 > cd /
 > tar cf /path/to/trash.tar /path/to/file/to/add/to/trash
 > rm /path/to/file/to/add/to/trash

 > cd /
 > tar rf /path/to/trash.tar /path/to/another/file/to/add/to/trash
 > rm /path/to/another/file/to/add/to/trash

Extracting is a bit trickier I guess because a user doesn't (usually) 
have write permissions on /, so this needs a work-around. And the whole 
thing should of course have a nice gui...

Does  anyone know if this is already implemented somewhere or if there 
are any plans on  doing it?

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