KMail systray icon & Kontact

Andy Teijelo PĂ©rez espino at
Tue Jan 4 08:06:12 GMT 2005

I recently chose the systray icon option in KMail and I found it cool and 
useful. I always use KMail from inside Kontact and the systray icon has 
brought me a problem. When I close Kontact, the systray icon remains there 
and an instance of kontact keeps running, although the window is not shown.
If I click the icon on the systray, Kontact, as expected, appears almost 
immediately. So far so good. But if I accidentally try to open another 
instance of Kontact (e.g. by clicking my Kontact button on kicker) it shows 
me a dialog telling that another instance of Kontact is already running and 
gives me two options: "Continue" or "Exit". If I choose "Exit" both instances 
of Kontact close, and I end up with no Kontact running, and if I choose 
"Continue" another instance of Kontact starts and I get two icons for KMail 
in the system tray. In that situation, if I close any Kontact instance, all 
the other ones close too, and shortly after that, a KCrash "black bomb" 
window opens. Has anyone seen a similar behaviour?
I'm using Kontact 1.0.1, KMail 1.7.1 in KDE 3.3.1, in Debian

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