noatun troubles

Dave Thomas dave at
Mon Jan 3 00:46:21 GMT 2005

Recently Noatun started to fail on me...I am not sure exactly when it became 
'broken' so I am not sure what system updates may have had a hand in breaking 
it. Is it possible to start Noatun in a debugging or verbose mode so I might 
be able to find where the trouble is?

The trouble is when I try and play an MP3 (or ogg) Noatun starts to suck up 
100% of the CPU and Noatun can only be stopped with a 'kill' from bash. The 
'No File Loaded' message shows on the lower left of the Noatun player sort of 
'flashing' but nothing else happens.

Any advice on chasing this problem down?

BTW: I am running Gentoo with kernel 2.6.9-gentoo-r13 and KDE 3.3.2 (newest 
Gentoo ebuild of KDE).

Dave Thomas
dave at
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