how can KDE be made snappier?

John john_82 at
Tue Sep 28 23:25:14 BST 2004

I would agree with rjp's comments. I have run suse 9 on a none laptop machine 
of similar spec. I also run windows 2k and xp. I use various machines on a 
daily basis. Linux / kde should be the same or quicker. The boot up may take 
longer but the preloads into memory are very effective. Having said that 
though I would expect to see a sort of ripple of icons if I clicked on a 
directory that contained a lot of files - it's quicker than me though. This 
can be more noticeable if linux has to swap something out - linux unlike 
windows will use all of your memory. I upped mine to 1gig hoping to imporve 
2k. This didn't make much difference to either.
I now run a P4 at 3gig. This makes windows XP much quicker but then linux is 
quicker too. XP wins easily on boot though. I seldom reboot.
Are you sure that various parts of your machine aren't going into some sort of 
sleep/reduced power mode? This may have to be set up during installation. 
Just like windows linux will default to minimal power usage and can be 
equally annoying on typical lap top settings. I am unsure as to what 
facilities are available under KDE for changing these.

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 22:26, Roy Pluschke wrote:
> On September 28, 2004 13:25, Trevor Smith wrote:
> > I've been to the "speed up kde" site, and kde is still just sluggish.
> > Athlon XP-M 2800+ laptop, 512 meg ram, some sort of ATI Radeon graphics
> > card, all the animations and eyecandy for kde turned off, and I can STILL
> > visibly witness the repainting of window elements (it's fast, but
> > visible). IMO, a window should reappear (when maximizing after hidden,
> > for example) instantly and as a single unit.
> >
> > It takes 2+ seconds to load a konsole window (after it's just been
> > closed).
> >
> > Also, opening a Konqueror window (just my damn home folder!!) takes
> > MINIMUM a full second and you can see the painting of the inner window
> > making things flash and such. Sometimes 3+ seconds. This is NOT time to
> > show previews or anything like that. No F9 side bar is displayed. On
> > Windows, directories of similar size open instantly.
> >
> > KDE performance section of the control center says minimize memory usage
> > for file browsing only (recommended) and  max # of instances preloaded is
> > 3 (tried it with 0 and 1 as well, same results essentiallly). Also
> > checked Always try to have at least one preloaded instance.
> I have a venerable PIII 450 ,geforce 2 graphics card and a 2.6.x kernel
> (Debian).  When I maximize a hidden window it pops up instantly.  It does
> take 0.5 seconds to open a new Konsole but Konqueror only takes 0.25 sec in
> file or browser mode.  Kontrol center takes 1.5-2.0 seconds to load the
> first time, 1.0 sec afterwards. I can't notice any repainting of the window
> contents (one exception for me are complicated Scribus docs).  KDE is
> snappier on this machine than the original Win98 that it came with.  Open
> Office takes 50-70 seconds to load the first time :( but about 7 seconds on
> reloads (not using the quickstart utility).
>   If I run gnome instead I find it to be a little slower (just my
> impression) and certain themes can't be used because of the re-draw rate of
> some widgets. Other themes seem fine.  The two desktops are pretty
> comparable with in my mind a slight edge to KDE.
> There seems something else going on.  Try a different driver for your ati
> card.  Check your network setup - perhaps Konqueror is trying to access
> something unavailable.  Not much help, I know, but KDE should be much
> faster on your machine.  Laptops are always a pain to configure.
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