Problems after KDE3.23 -> KDE3.3 Update

Christian Schramm schramm at
Thu Sep 23 11:59:26 BST 2004

Hello at all!

I've got some problems since I updated my KDE on Suse 9.1pro:

1. Not all windows are shown in the control bar after the KDE startup. I 
deselected "show only minimized windows" and clicked on apply. After a 
reboot I have to do this again...

2. In KDE 3.2.3 I clicked on a minimized window in the control bar to 
maximize/minimize them. This doesn't work properly in KDE 3.3. Sometimes 
it works and sometimes it doesn't. Why??

One thing i'd like to mention:
I didn't update KDE via YaST2 but using "rpm -Uhv --nodeps 
--replacefiles...". But that should not be the cause for this.

I hope, someone can help me. Perhaps there are already (unofficial) updates?


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