Clipboard and ssh

Jan Pietrusky Janp at
Tue Sep 21 12:12:37 BST 2004

I changed my computer and with this my linux installation from Suse8.1
to Suse9.1. KDE version 3.2.1.

I need for my work, that a programm is running at another maschine. For
this, I use a ssh connection an export the display. I can start the
program (matlab) and can open the windows.
Now my problem. It ist recognized, that I must copy a few lines from one
  editor to another window. Please dont ask me why it is, it is so.

O.K. Formaly, with my Suse8.1 configuration, it works fine. But with 
Suse9.1, I
got strange reactions. The copy between two consoles is O.K. Under
matlab it is not possible to mark the text in one window, my keyboard is
not active until the NUM-KEY_led is on and when I paste the text in
another window, I got not that, what I want and what i had marked.

Because all functions are still running with windomaker, thats the point 
I think it is caused by the KDE.

If anyone have a good idea, what ist could be,
please help me.

I'm gratfull for any information, link or other Newsgroups.

Greetings and thanks

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