Some features for KDE 3.4?

Christoph Wiesen chris at
Mon Sep 20 17:26:13 BST 2004

Am Sonntag, 19. September 2004 22:55 schrieb Kevin Krammer:
> Any example of fd.o specifications that are implemented in GNOME but not in
> KDE?
> Well, maybe the shared mime-type spec, but it is agreed on, David Faure and
> other core-devs actively worked on the drafts, so I would be surprised if
> it isn't implemented soon.

I guess it's more of a simple pharse to state that there are some areas KDE 
could still improve upon - and most of those areas seem to be actively worked 
on anyway.
One of those areas is that you sometimes hear that a feature can't or should 
not be implemented because it would either be only-for-linux (i.e. the other 
unices supported by KDE could not really take advantage of it) or because 
it's the "responsibility of the distribution". The last one is something I 
actually heard from time to time.
An example for this - that GNOME has just now - is "Volume Management" as done 
via the GNOME Volume Manager. Basically I would have called it in a different 
way if it hadn't been called that by the GNOME people.
Wouldn't it be the responsibility of the distributions to make sure (or don't) 
that cdroms and usb sticks and whatever are automagically detected and 
mounted and so on? Maybe many people think so - though I'd disagree anytime. 
But that doesn't matter.
Actually all that matters to a user is that GNOME handles their external media 
nicely and KDE does not - or you could say "the kde-based distribution" does 
not... the user doesn't care.

And that's the point some seem to be making - GNOME doesn't seem to care 
anymore what they should do and what is better left for another project: if 
there _is_ something that can be done to improve the end users experience 
they just started doing it, no matter what.
That's where GNOME leads right now.

Personally I would not doubt most KDE developers share the same view as the 
GNOME people when it comes to just-do-it (tm).. but from a user visible point 
of view one might say so.
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