kwin customization

Pol mediadesk at
Fri Sep 17 07:19:00 BST 2004

Is it possible to customize key-bindings for the windows title buttons?
I could not find any hints in the kde control center. 

Here are my two questions: 

1 - I would like to associate three actions with the 'kill' button X, depending 
    on the mouse button: 
       1. window informations
       2. stick/unstick window 
       3. window kill 

2 - Can one bind a command to the 'click and move' mouse action, rather than to the
    simple 'click' mouse action? 
    I would find useful to move window without changing its stack status, that is 
    without nor lowering or raising the window. The 'click and move' action would 
    allow to add that command nicely.
    (i have largely exploited that feature with fvwm)

Is there any how-tos on the web about kwin customization?

thank you 

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