choosing a keyboard layout

mfitzgerald mfitzgerald at
Mon Sep 13 07:15:01 BST 2004

Malcolm Fitzgerald wrote:

>> On Thursday 09 September 2004 12:32 am, Malcolm Fitzgerald wrote:
>>> The control center's keyboard layout panel does not display any 
>>> keyboard
>>> layouts. The layouts appear to be in the right place but they don't 
>>> show
>>> up. How can I get the list of available layouts to appear?
> Kurt V. Hindenburg wrote:
>> Under Regional & Acessibilty->Keyboard layout; check the Enable 
>> keyboard layouts.  I have over 30+ in the Available layouts.
> Yes, that's where I was. Nothing showing there on my machine.
>> It looks like the layouts come from the kbd package.  Under 
>> /usr/share/keymaps
>>       Homepage:
>>       Description: Keyboard and console utilities
> The Help section told me that the layouts were sourced from anoth

There was nothing at /usr/share/keymaps however the help section for 
xkbd says that the files should be in /etc/X11/xkb/rules/.  There were 
several files in there that were named xorg.xml, xorg-it.lst and 
xorg.lst. I copied them and renamed them xfree86.xml xfree86-it.lst and 

Going back to control center I discovered a list of keyboards, layouts 
and other choices available on the keyboard layout panels.

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