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Lauri Watts lauri at kde.org
Sun Sep 12 11:47:18 BST 2004

On Sunday 12 September 2004 07.16, Peter Ryan wrote:

> I suspected the ports, and I thought I had upgraded it
> immediately before the build, but to make sure I cleaned the
> port, updated it again, and repeated the build package.
> I got the same error, so I am sure I am using the latest port.
> The port I am using is the FreeBSD 4.10_RELEASE
> kde3 port, which seems to be the latest.
> I updated the port files from the main FreeBSD server.
> This has happened on both my test machines now, and
> I really think something is wrong with the port.

At what point do you get the error?  Is this with portupgrade, or by hand?  If 
it's with portupgrade, is it when it's backing up the previous release 
package, or when it's trying to create the new one?

We should probably redirect this conversation to kde at freebsd.org (you do not 
need to be a subscriber to post, if you do want to subscribe, instructions in 
the second site in my .sig)

If you could post the relevant portion of the build log there (with a few 
lines either side, so we can try to figure out what's really going on)

> (I was unsure about the packages at fruitsalad because
> I am running 4.10_RELEASE.  The nearest seemed to be
> 4.10_STABLE, but being a newbie I hesistated to use this
> one.)

The packages would be just fine on -RELEASE - In fact, I installed them on a 
4.6 machine, and a couple of 4.9's, with no ill effects.

Lauri Watts
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