Press a key long and mouse gets freaky

Markus Tacker mtacker at
Fri Sep 10 14:23:36 BST 2004

Hello List,

I have a fresh Gentoo Box with KDE 3.2, Kernel 2.6, a cheap
PS2 Keyboard and an Intelli Mouse Explorer USB.

When i press a key for more than about 2 seconds and move
the mouse the pointer jumps around the screen and clickes,
changes windows.

So I cannot realy ALT-LeftClick resize windows at all because
before I'm finished the mouse goes crazy.

Accessibility options are not enabled.

The error is reproduceable.
I just have to press Ctrl for about 3 seconds. If I start to move the
mouse the cursor jumps across the screen as if I had increased the
mouse accelleration by 100 times. And it clicks often, left and right 
mouse button.

Pressing ESC or Ctrl stops the behaviour.

Fyi, I have a Microsoft Intelli Mouse Explorer USB which is configured
as a PS/2 Mouse (in fglrxconfig), but I think the problem is caused by 
the keyboard which is a standard PS/2 thing and configured as such and
the keyboard works correct under Windows.

Any idea?


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