"report bug" bug

daniel danstemporaryaccount at yahoo.ca
Wed Sep 8 20:39:25 BST 2004

i'm using kde3.3 and have run into a new an interesting bug.  the handy little 
"report bug" option under help no longer takes me to bugs.kde.org/wizard.cgi, 
but instead brings me to the temp file it creates 
(file:/var/tmp/kdecache-username/krun/nnnnn.n.wizard.cgi).  so i went to the 
right bugs site and tried to file this as a bug, first checking to see if it 
already existed.  but all i found was a long, long list of all the idiots who 
posted their konqueror or kmail bug as "bug report".  anyone know if this bug 
has already been filed or if is hould create one?

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 - joseph de maistre
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