kmail and gnupg problems (gpg-agent)

Christian Mueller cmueller at
Mon Sep 6 07:22:06 BST 2004

Am Montag, 6. September 2004 03:43 schrieb Zé:
> At this moment i am using kmail-1.7 and i when i try to sign a message 
> digitally appears this dialong:
> This dialog will reappear every time the passphrase is needed. For a more 
> secure solution that also allows caching the passphrase, install gpg-agent. 
> gpg-agent of gnupg-1.9, wich you can download from 
> But i have gnupg-1.9 in my sistem and gpg-agent is running in the background.
> Other thing wierd is than kgpg is started always appear a dialog saying that 
> the use og GnuPG Agent is active by default in the config file, but says that 
> the agent appears not to be running wich is complectly false, gpg-agent is 
> running.
> So why constantly appears this message when i run Kgpg, and why isnt possible 
> to cache the passphrase, always needed to enter it when sending a message 
> digitally signed in Kmail-1.7?

It seems that the place you start the gpg-agent is incorrect.  In order to find
the agent the variable GNUPG_AGENT_INFO must be set that contains the info on 
where to find it.  

Your apps must see this environment variable or you'll have the problem you're
describing:  The agent is running but your apps say it doesn't.
Just starting the agent "somewhere" is unfortunately not enough.  You have to 
do it in the correct place so the environment variable propagates to all of KDE.

Read the section about the gpg-agent in
There's a description on how to do it. 

One remark:  Please don't crosspost your questions to more than one newsgroup. 

Christian Müller. 

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