KDE panel problems

Andy Teijelo Pérez espino at infomed.sld.cu
Mon Sep 6 00:16:35 BST 2004

El Domingo, 5 de Septiembre de 2004 04:30 AM, Christian Brønnum-Hansen 
> Hi!
> I just switched to KDE.
> It is really nice to use and I think I'll keep it but there is one
> problem that really annoys me.
> If I have Noatun running and clicks on a new music file in Konqueror
> Noatun starts to play it but puts another process in the panel which
> closes after 30 seconds or so. It's quite annoying really.
> Anyone who can help me?
> I'm running Debian Unstable. Don't know if that got any influence on
> that...
> Christian

I'm affraid you have an issue with the KDE Launch Feedback. Open the KDE 
Control Center (through menus or with kcontrol in the console) and look for 
the Launch Feedback property page. I don't like its defaults and maybe 
neither do you.

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