Doesn't it make developers mad??

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Sun Oct 31 17:44:19 GMT 2004

On Friday 29 October 2004 03:02, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> faraz khan wrote:
> > He says: Using OSS, the Hardware vendor makes money- the consultant makes
> > money, supporter makes money.. EVERYBODY but the poor developer. He wants
> > to know how, without money, will these developers be able to sustain such
> > development?
> Actually, the developer can make money.  It is just that they would make
> money by supplying support (which most commercial and non-hobbiest users
> need) rather than selling the code.

Exactly. I think the thread starter just missed that a developer can be part 
of any of the profiting groups he mentioned, especially consulting and/or 

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