KPOWERSAVE (2nd time of asking)

Esben Mose Hansen kde at
Sun Oct 31 16:53:08 GMT 2004

On Sunday 31 October, 2004 16:40, Mark Walker wrote:

> I'm using KDE 3.2 under SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9

Only used this a few days, but

> In the system tray sits KPOWERSAVE, and I have a few questions regarding
> this..
> 1, What does KPOWERSAVE do.  I thought powersave was only required on
> laptops not desktops and servers ? 

Apparantly, it 
 1. puts the computer in the appropriate performance mode.
 2. Keeps and eye on battery status
 3. Interfaces to the suspend and whats-the-other-name

Of these, only 3 might relevant for a desktop and none for a server (not that 
I know what KDE might be doing on a server at all).

> 2, Is there a way to permenantly remove
> KPOWERSAVE.  If you right mouse click over it you can end it and their is
> an option to not allow autostartup, however this does not appear to work?

If the option does not work, you'll have to find the relevant text file and 
edit it. I'm no expert in this, but I'd guess that if you look 
for .kde/share/config/kpowersaverc (or similar), you'll find an AutoStart=yes 
or similar. At least, that's how Klipper works.

> 3, Is is safe to completely remove KPOWERSAVE.


regards, Esben
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