Drawing a rectangle around files

Bahram Alinezhad alineziad at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 30 19:39:05 BST 2004

"Bahram Alinezhad" (alineziad at yahoo.com)
You know that in konqueror, we can select a number of
files by drawing a rectangle around them; But, by
drawing another rectangle around some of selected
files, they should go out of selection; This is true
for nautilus but false for konqueror.

"CorvusE" (lists at pjsattic.com)
This is a KDE issue.  I have not seen any "fixes" for
this behavior.
If you would like the behavior to change you should,
perhaps, submit a Bug Report to KDE.

"Bruce Marshall" (bmarsh at bmarsh.com)
Submit it to the KDE developers as a requested
We here can't change what wasn't coded the way you
wanted it to be.

As a somewhat basic feature of a file-browser, one
should do a favour and submit to KDE gods; I don't
know how to do.

Best Wishes,
Bahram Alinezhad,
Rudehen, Tehran, Iran.

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