problem with fonts (2nd round)

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Fri Oct 29 20:21:50 BST 2004

Miguel Angelo Rozsas wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I am (still) struggling with the fonts problem described in my last message 
> (Error loading 'kio_fonts').
> 	This time, I try to following path:
> KDE Control Center/System Administration/Font Installer
> When I click in the Font Installer menu entry, I got a popup window with the 
> following message:
> There was an error loading the module.
> Details
> The diagnostics is:
> /opt/kde3/lib/ undefined symbol: FTC_SBit_Cache_Lookup

This is a FreeType2 symbol.  Check your FreeType2 installation.  Also check if 
you might have more than one version of FreeType2 installed.

> Possible reasons:
> An error occurred during your last KDE upgrade leaving an orphaned control 
> module
> You have old third party modules lying around.
> Check these points carefully and try to remove the module mentioned in the 
> error message. If this fails, consider contacting your distributor or 
> packager.

If you upgraded, you might have an old KCM 'desktop' file.  This would be:


If you have such a file, remove it.

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