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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Oct 28 00:42:00 BST 2004

zika wrote:
> Is there a way in kde to: change start menu : remove most used applications
> and bookmarks

In the K-Menu (please don't say "Start" :-D).

The K-Menu is configured in the Panel KCM.  To access it directly, right click
the Panel and select: "Configure Panel".  The options for the K-Menu are on the:
"Menu" tab.

You can remove the most used applications by setting the spin box at the bottom
to "0".

For Bookmarks, check it in the "Optional Sub Menus" list box.

> add recent documents in menu

Same for "Recent Documents.

> edit context menu that shows in konqueror

You can *add* items under "Actions" by adding a 'desktop' file (or modifying an
existing one) in: "$KDEDIR/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus".

> generate (part of) start menu from directory which contains links

I don't think that this is going to work.  You *can* add individual links to the
K-Menu, but you need a URL 'desktop' file for each one.
> Is it possible to load desktop and start bar, then go to loading system stuff
> (things that you wait to load at the begging)? Something like when you use
> icewm you can use konqueror, but do not have to wait  so much at the
> begining.

The start of KDE is not delayed while stuff in your: "Autostart" folder loads. 
But the KDEInit stuff has to run first.

> Where do styles keep their settings?

In the Control Center under: Appearance & Themes"

	Window Decorations

This information is probably stored in various files:


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