KDE multihead, KDE_MULTIHEAD=false?

Floris Fokkinga f.g.fokkinga at student.utwente.nl
Thu Oct 21 12:05:00 BST 2004

Chad Robinson wrote:
> I have two Screen entries in my X config and X seems to be working 
> properly with my two monitors. However, KDE doesn't seem to recognize 
> this. Despite trying to set KDE_MULTIHEAD=true in /etc/profile and 
> various other locations, KDE always sets this variable back to false. 
> Where can I start looking for the next thing that might be wrong?

I am having the same kind of problem. I use an ATi videocard, with the 
fglrx drivers, v3.14.1, in combination with xorg 6.7.0 (all gentoo 
I have two monitors on a radeon 9600pro. I finally managed to get things 
working (a little bit) by using the tool that comes with the driver for 
dual head, and than commenting out the second head/card driver. Adding 
the +xinerama argument to xorg.conf, makes X not start.

This results in a dual screen setup, using only one driver. X and KDE 
see a resolution of (2*1280)x1024.
Is there a way to tell kde that this are two monitors? I have seen this 
before during a long period of tweaking the xorg.conf to get the to 
monitors to work.
Right now, things are working, except for the maximize buttons, full 
screen videoplaying (centres on the middle of the two monitors, and only 
displays the left part of the image) and the fonts in Firefox (some are 
very large, resulting in hard to read websites).

I have sought lang and hard for ways to get the ATi drivers to work with 
X, and I have found a lot of information. However, none of this info 
seems to be working for me :(

Btw, I understand the real problem is with the ATi drivers.

Kind regards,
Floris Fokkinga,
The Netherlands
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