KWM and nedit

Aleksandar Donev adonev at Math.Princeton.EDU
Sun Oct 17 21:17:49 BST 2004


I like using the nedit programming editor, and this is I guess a legacy 
X application. I am having problems with opening nedit in the correct 
virtual desktop under KDE (I just installed KDE 3.3 and the problem 
persists). When I open nedit, it opens in the virtual desktop where the 
last nedit window was open, rather than the current virtual desktop. 
Also, trying to save the state when logging out is hopeless since all 
nedit windows popup in the wrong virtual desktop. I don't think this is 
specific to nedit, but it is likely to do with KWM and Xlib settings.

Does anyone have ideas on how to fix this?

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