KDE3.3.1 crash!!

Arkar Kyaw Win ngan_yine at SoftHome.net
Sun Oct 17 05:04:37 BST 2004

   I would like to report some possible bug and some problem I am having 
with kde3.3.1 over pykde and task bar.Frist of all I would like to 
report that everytime I change my mixer setting such as in "control 
center ;sound and multimedia :Sound System"everytime after I change my 
hardware setting "select audio device "after I change the autodetec mod 
into linux sound architecture it got hang.Everything hang expect 
mouse.So I got not choice but reboot my computer.After that it said in 
kde.org release log that kde 3.3.1 include pykde and pyqt binding .So I 
never try to install pykde to use superkaramba untill my slickbar said 
that it couldn't find pykde but I couldn't install pykde either .It said 
that some sip can't not understand C++ thing and it wouldn't configure 
it to the end.And one last thing the kde desktop is better installing it 
from tarball or was it ok with pkgtool install(I use slackware 10 so I 
just remove old kde 3.2 using pkgtools and install all the package using 
pkgtool again).

Thanks for reading
arkar Kyaw win
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