Change icons/types of devices?

Manuel Nickschas manueln at
Sat Oct 16 00:14:04 BST 2004


I am looking for a way to change the type or at least the icon of the devices 
listed at devices:/ (so I don't mean a desktop link). The reason is that I 
have a variety of removable devices, for example an usb stick and an external 
hard drive, but all the devices show up as "Hard Disc Partition". This is 
especially annoying when using the Devices Panel Applet, because I have five 
or six identically looking icons there...

So I'd like to know if it is possible at all to change the icon for a given 
device, or at least to change the type (such that the USB stick really shows 
up as a removable device instead of a hard disk). If it is not possible 
globally, the ability to do that in the panel applet would help a lot, too.

I tried opening the URL 'devices:/' in konqueror and change the properties 
there, but there is no option for the type or icon. I could not find any 
control center module, either.

-- Manuel
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