extremely long start up times

darren alias3 at crotchett.com
Thu Oct 14 04:10:19 BST 2004

I am running KDE 3.2 on Mandrake 10.0 on my laptop.  Everything runs normal 
while I'm at home.  When I'm at school, however, some apps take an 
extraordinary amount of time to start (like 5 minutes).  Once started, they 
seem to operate fine.  Other applications don't suffer this same fate.  

Examples of applications that start slowly:
	o  Open Office
	o  Kate
	o  Konqueror  *this one isn't consistently bad

Examples of applications that start OK:
	o  Kmail
	o  FireFox
	o  Konsole
	o  Audacity
	o  Skype

The only difference between starting my computer at home and my computer at 
school is that my ethernet is plugged in when starting at home.  My internet 
connection at school is wireless.  It is not started until I have fully 
booted (I start the wireless connection manually).

Any suggestions where to look or how to begin troubleshooting?  Or, better 
yet, anyone recognize this issue.  

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