KDvi Doesn't Know Where to Find Fonts

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Oct 12 14:52:18 BST 2004

徐冠鹏 wrote:
> James Richard Tyrer wrote: 
>>I presume that these are CJK fonts. 
>>What are the font names, are they Type1 or TrueType, and what encoding are you  
>>And specifically, are the font names in Latin (ISO-8859-1) or another encoding? 
> You are right, these are CJK fonts.  
> All the fonts are TrueType fonts, and I am using encoding GB2312. Only ISO-10646-1  
> and GB2312.1980-1 are supported by all the fonts, but the most frequently font  
> simsun supports ISO-8859-1. 

Sorry if I wasn't clear, I need to know about the name of the font -- is it a 
Latin name or a CJK ideographic name and if a non-Latin character name (like 
your name) what encoding does the font use for its *name*.  To be clear. 
"simsum" is in Latin characters but the example below is a Chinese name in 
ideographic characters.

The known bugs are with Type1 fonts not providing the family name in a way that 
Qt expected.  So, this is probably not the problem.

So, I suspect that this is a related problem to a previous question.  The 
previous question had a font name in GB2312.  In UTF-8, the font name was 锟斤拷 
and this isn't showing up correctly here but I think that that is a font issue 
since it shows up correctly in the Mozilla spelling checker.  That is the UTF-8 
code in HEX is: e9 94 9f e6 96 a4 e6 8b b7.  I am told that this translates to 
FangSong in Latin characters.

If you have such a font name, I do not know how Qt and KDE or FontConfig handle 
such a name and therefore asked about this on the development list.


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