Has The performance been forgotten?

canllaith at yahoo.co.uk canllaith at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 8 02:34:26 BST 2004

It's probably a little late to reply to this :\ I don't have an internet 
connection at home these days.
System specs: (mine is also a high powered wonder machine =P)

500Mhz PIII mobile

On this machine, KDE 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 run quite well. Not blindingly fast but 
fast enough that work on it all day every day and I have no complaints. 
Kmail, Konqeuror and Kwrite all launch in around 2 sec. I have always run 
Slackware on this machine. Recently I came in contact with some ~600Mhz 
machines running SUSE and KDE 3.2. I was not impressed at all with the 
performance, especially when compared to Mandrake 10 and Slackware 10. I 
suspect your problem is SUSE specific.

I have always found KDE under Slackware to be a great environment for older 
machines that have at least 256MB, as the preloading of libs make QT 
applications quicker to launch under KDE than GTK applications are under 
Gnome in my experience. 
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