Can I display Chinese character filenemes in an

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sun Oct 3 04:06:55 BST 2004

Glenn Alexander wrote:
> In case it is of help, I put a 213 byte file here: 
> which contains a text file with the filename in Chinese. Afain, in my 
> partner's account, Ark displays this correctly, but in mine it 
> doesn't. 

To display UTF8 (8 bit UniCode) file names, you have to set environment 
variables.  If you have LC_ALL=C (use default language for all LC_*) then you 
need to set: LANG="en_us.utf8".

This would normally be set (on Linux) in the script: "/etc/profile.d/".


# /etc/profile.d/



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